Bryan Collins


Fat, full of excuses and lazy...that's what became of Bryan Collins.  But Bryan decided to do something about it.  It began when he decided to prepare for a bodybuilding competition...

From intermittent fasting to counting macros, Bryan put his body through the ringer to be able to write about  it.  Bryan gives his readers in-depth knowledge on each program that he used and how it works, explaiing it both scientifically and in layman's terms so that anyone at any level of fitness can understand their fitness and diet options.

Bryan Collins takes the reader on a guided tour of various workouts and diets in order to teach his readers how to achieve results.  He describes the process and the journey, along with the realistic expectations that come with each option.  Bryan's methods ensure that his readers will not just see images of fitness success and expect miracles, but will understand how each of us individually can achieve our fitness goals with a solid understanding of our fitness options and what it takes to achieve our personal fitness goals.

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