Submissions should go to


Submission guidelines: All submissions (including author bios) must be sent in PDF form.   Author bios should be no more than one page.  Please see below for guidelines specific to book genres.


For Fiction:

Author must have a complete manuscript.   The author must submit the first chapter, word count, a synopsis and an author bio.


For Nonfiction:

Author must submit an outline of chapters with a synopsis for each, and an author bio, no more than one page.

Di Angelo Publications will consider conceptual projects for non-fiction books that can be developed into non-fiction works.


For Children’s Books: Author must submit a complete manuscript.  Illustrations are not necessary at the time of submission.  Author must submit an author bio.


For ghostwriting projects: Author must submit the synopsis of the story, whether it is fiction or nonfiction, and an idea of what type of project they would like it to be (i.e. memoir, novel, how-to). Author should submit an author bio.

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