When Angels Wept



March 25th


Lyon Air Museum

1-3 PM




19300 Ike Jones Road

Santa Ana, CA 92707


Phone: 714-210-4585

Fax: 714-210-4588


When Angles Wept: A Life Derailed by War


David R. McCue - coming soon


During World War I they called it shell shock. During World War II they called it battle fatigue. Today it is known as post-traumatic stress disorder. All are tidy labels for the destruction of a mind. When Angels Wept follows the path of an idealistic young airman’s experiences and the horrors he deals with during World War II.

Born in a Pasadena California, Rob Hirsch has been raised with the mid-west values of his Iowa born parents. He has a respect for life, a belief in the rewards of hard work, and an acceptance of duty. He loves his mother, respects his father, believes in God, and has an abiding trust in his country. He grows up as a well-liked, though somewhat shy child, who develops a fascination with flying and dreams of one day becoming a pilot. He plays football in high school, gets good grades in college. Then, with the advent of World War II, he enters Army Air Force Cadet Pilot Training Program and eventually becomes the captain of a B-17 bomber.

He finds love in a small, rural English village, yet death and destruction are ever-present. It is in the skies over Europe that the horrors of war begin a relentless invasion of Hirsch’s psyche as his mind battles with the reality of a world that suddenly makes no sense. As the mid-west values he has been raised with become compromised, guilt begins to form fissures in his mind. His respect for life collides with the destruction of life caused by the bombs he drops. The fissures in his mind become deeper. When his sense of responsibility is devastated by the death of friends and crew members, the mental cracks widen and become hate filled crevices.

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